Eflani District, which is located near Safranbolu, which is 47 km away from Karabük Province, is located between high mountains and valleys. Today, Eflani has a rich vegetation, forested areas and a significant number of marble beds for export.

It is determined that the formation environment is not “lacustrine”, but a “marine" fosil environment. Due to the high pressure created by the marine formation environment, Eflani stone exhibits superior strength and durability compared to other limestones.

Another common feature of the same marine environment is the homogeneity of the Eflani stone, even if larger than 1 meter can be processed. The structural orientation in the texture arrangement and the traces of sedimentation in the marble called "waterway“ are interpreted as "wave traces“ in the marine environment.

Eflani Stones, which are formed in a live reef environment and sea conditions of millions of years ago, decorate the buildings on my day; With their unique physical features, styles, views and living stories, they add value and value to our spaces.

In the production of HP Marble, two main groups, called Rustic Green and Turquoise, are presented with different surface applications.

  • Polished surface applications

  • Flamed surface applications

  • Bush Hammered surface applications

  • Sand Blasted surface applications

  • Tumbled surface applications

  • Brushed surface applications

In addition to the surface applications, the cutting technique made perpendicular to the waterway traces yields a distinctive texture and appearance in which the traces of these sediments are distinct, and where the fossils are positioned differently.

  • Vein Cut