Rustic Green - Technical Specifications
Rustic Green Polished

Petrographic Anlysis
Rock Name:Fossiliferus limestone

Microscopically the sample contains of %75 intact and fragmented fossils (ca 75% larger Foraminifera such as Nummulities, Assilinia, Algea, etc.) embedded in a fine grained carbonate matrix (ca 17%). The micritic matrix is partly replaced by sparry calcite crystals. Green pellets (up to 0.7mm in size) of glauconite reaching up to %3 contain medium-well rounded quartz inclusions. Glauconite is also observed as infillings within the chambers of the fossils. Fine to medium grained detritial quartz (ca 4%) and feldspar (ca 1%) occur as rock-fragments within the matrix. The rock as a whole contain very rare cracks, filled with micritic calcite.

Analysis Results
Analysis Results